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Raw shellfish, carpaccio and marinades

The preservation, cleaning and preparation of the seafood should enhance their natural flavours. This is achieved by maintaining appropriate temperatures, carefully handling the shellfish and seafood so as not to stress or damage them, and skilfully cutting them with a knife to prepare the delicate carpaccio - it's all in the masterful skills of the chef.

The Modena restaurant has a chiller in which to process the raw seafood in complete safety. In fact, it is this low temperature which eliminates any possible contamination or the presence of any harmful parasites.

In fact, at Il Patriarca, you can safely enjoy raw seafood, savouring the authentic taste of the sea and of the catch of the day.

The authentic taste of freshly caught seafood

Our raw seafood dishes are some of our most popular dishes among connoisseurs and, in the right restaurant, there is no reason to be afraid of eating raw seafood.

Il Patriarca is highly respected in Modena for the freshness of our seafood. Here, you can take the opportunity to enjoy a full menu of freshly caught speciality seafood: sea urchins, oysters of different provenance, scampi, mixed carpaccio and clams.


Guests at Il Patriarca are only ever served freshly caught seafood. Your taste buds will discover this secret.

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