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Paella is not just one of Spain's most famous specialities, and not simply a dish of seafood and rice, it is also a dish that appeals for its convivial spirit. It is cooked in big iron pans (from which it takes its name) which are still hot when the dish is served. Diners, enjoying good conversation and perhaps a good wine, can taste the intense flavour of the sea.


Fresh fish and shellfish in a single dish


Seafood Paella is in fact the most widely known version: prepared with seafood and seasoned with shellfish, with the addition of morsels of fish. At Il Patriarca, the dish is prepared in the Valencian tradition and never ceases to meet the expectations of our guests. Spicy, enriched by the flavour of pepper and paprika, this speciality is different from the classic Italian seafood risotto and is well worth trying.


Cooked how it should be and strictly never cooked in advance


You can choose the perfect wine to accompany this extra special rice dish from the restaurant's wine cellar: our staff will be able to competently advise you of what will compliment the dish.


When you reserve a table for lunch or dinner, please state how many guests will order this dish so we can adequately make preparations.

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